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11 November 2014

Exclusive: Toy Story 4's European Premiere Will Be Sat 17th June 2017!

Yes, I am crazy enough to state the date almost 3 years out...!  Why?  Well it will be 7 years since Toy Story 3 which I correctly predicted would be premiering at EIFF 2010 (4 months before it was announced).  With a summer Edinburgh International Film Festival, it fits in nicely with Disney / Pixar's summer release in the States, and is earlier than a lot of the English school holidays (which child-friendly films are reserved for).  So assuming EIFF2016 is still in June, and EIFF2017 too, as well as assuming Cineworld is still trading and a sponsor of the EIFF, and they manage to secure the rights like they did for Wall.E and Toy Story 3, (phew!) then the European Premiere of Toy Story 4 will be in Cineworld Edinburgh (Fountainpark) on Saturday 17th June 2017 at 6pm.  Let's see if I'm correct, just 2.5 years until the programme is announced... ;)

11 July 2014

Truly Of Biblical Proportions - It's Coming In Only 7 Weeks!

I know the headline reads like linkbait, but oh dear God, this has caused tears to start running down my face.  It has to happen in the UK, it has to...  Don't make me beg.  Please....!!

15 September 2013

The Original Nightmare Comes To Cineworld This Hallowe'en

I was sitting in +Cineworld Cinemas today watching the trailers, when I saw the iconic words New Line Cinemas in a bold red font.  It couldn't be, could it?  There's a note, then another, so soft yet so sinister...  It is!  Freddy's back in all his original glory!  This Hallowe'en in Cineworld Cinemas there is a beautiful re-release of the original horror classic A Nightmare On Elm Street.  Can't wait to never sleep, again.

3 February 2013

Saying White Rabbits Three Times Summons The Dark Side

On the first of the month people have a tradition of saying "white rabbits" three times.  However, just like Beetlejuice, saying "white rabbits" on any other day (like the 2nd!) summons are far darker rabbit that doesn't care that he's late.  I was going for dark, creepy, and sexy, in a Japanese-remake kind of way. Did I pull it off?  Would you follow me down a rabbit hole...?

13 November 2012

The Cinema Is Blue, The Future Is No Longer Orange

Whilst watching a disturbing yet excellent "romance" this evening (Rust and Bone / De rouille et d'os - highly recommend it) I was saddened.  Yet before I embarked into its dark journey I was already sad.  The final pre-film advert that ran was not the normal Orange parodying a film / film-goers who text, helpfully telling everyone to turn their phone off (not just silent - I can see your bright screen you inconsiderate yet unimportant phone addict!).  Whilst the advert was good, Kevin Bacon parodying how connected he is with the world, it was under their new guise of EE (Everything Everywhere).  It's definitely official then - this is the end of the Orange Film Board.  Let's hit those highs one more time Mr Dresden...

13 March 2012

Pixar's Brave European Premiere Is '7 Days Later'

Okay, so I got it wrong.  My carefully predicted estimate of the European Premiere for Pixar's Brave was a week earlier than it actually will be as they have decided to have the premiere on
 the closing night of the 2012 EIFF.  It's a pretty good idea to make it a focal point although I think closing night films are even ore expensive (the opening night film is usually £15), should have factored the money making aspect in to my calculation!

2 March 2012

Another Muppet's Film Is One It's Way, Yay!!

After a hugely successful, Oscar winning film, it seems that we are (hopefully) at the start he start of a new series of Muppets films as Coming is reporting that a sequel to The Muppets is on its way! Another Oscar winner?  Maybe Best Film..? Yay!! C'mon everybody...

29 January 2012

Drive Misses Out On Best Soundtrack Oscar Nod

Hmmm, not happy about this.  According to Variety, Drive was ruled out in the category for Best Soundtrack because (according to 'sources') of "two problems: songs instead of score at key dramatic points, and Martinez not being the only composer listed on the official studio cue sheet. Apparently two other names were included as contributing to some cues".  This is a real shame as the music to Drive was exceptional and had a haunting quality the accentuated the film's impact.  Oh well, life goes on.  If you want another hit then here's the YouTube video for the (non-Cliff Martinez) main song, A Real Hero by College.  On the other hand, let's face it this award is destined for The Artist...

8 January 2012

European Premiere of Pixar's Brave 23rd June in Edinburgh

You don't have to be a member of Mensa to work this one out do you..?  Two years after I correctly scooped the rest of the world with the "announcement" of the highly sought after European Premiere of Toy Story 3 (inspired by what they did with Wall.E) I'm back at it this year with the European Premiere of Brave.  It will be 24 hours after the US launch and the first Saturday of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  No ifs or buts this time.  4 years ago they did it with Wall.E, 2 years ago they did it for Toy Story 3 and this year they will do it for a film set in Scotland!  So there is something good about the EIFF being in June...!

5 July 2011

EIFF Has Died, Will Returning Home To August Resurrect It?

This year's Edinburgh International Film Festival has received a fair amount of criticism, not least of all from yours truly.  Fortunately things are looking up for the EIFF, in that they are looking bad.  The one-time Artistic Director & Producer, James Mulligan, who halved the number of films, scrapped red-carpet events, ditched several stalwart threads (including Best of the Fest, which was re-introduced at the last moment), lost several major sponsors (such as Standard Life, CityJet and the key venue of Cineworld) and replaced them with low-budget versions (downsizing Nokia, easyJet and George Square Theatre), oh yeah, and messed up the opening night gala with Festival Patron / 'I was never currating the EIFF' Tilda Swinton and her film "We Need to Talk About Kevin"...  Anyway, that guy, James, has gone after only six months in the position.  Phew.

The organisers of the EIFF are now publicly thinking about restoring the awards and moving back to August, as hinted at by The Hearld last month and recapped by yours truly!  Could this save the EIFF, without going back cap-in-hand to Shane Danielson and begging him to make it a real force again?  Who knows, but I wouldn't bet against an announcement during August about the EIFF's return the following year...

24 June 2011

One More Thing... We'll Miss You Peter Falk

Sad news, Peter Falk has passed away.  Five years ago I saw him out for his Sunday morning walk in Beverley Hills and he was in great shape (and very friendly too, especially to three strangers on Segways).

23 June 2011

EIFF Does "Best Of The Fest" U-Turn - Maybe You Missed It!

So, despite being told categorically on Monday (by staff from the Edinburgh International Film Festival) that there was no "Best of the Fest" this year, coupled with the fact that there is absolutely no mention of it in the brochure (despite the final Sunday being sparsely populated with films), I'm guessing this is either a very last minute decision / u-turn. This "Maybe You Have Missed" section comes out of nowhere today (time-stamped at 14:30), with tickets on sale at 10am tomorrow (although Filmhouse members could buy them since yesterday, before they were announce...).  Strange, for a festival that seems to be struggling with ticket sales (circumstantial evidence only for that, just reading their tweets and questions some journalists have posed to this year's Director), if it were planned you would have assumed they would have wanted a sales window as big possible, rather than just 48 hours.  Harsh people may say that smacks of not being able to organise a piss-up in a brewery, but then again, as someone who has actually organised a piss-up in a brewery (Stocks & Shots, Scotland's first Stock Market Bar in 2000 at the Caledonian Brewery), then maybe I should offer a comment...  But I won't.  It'd sadden me even more.

20 June 2011

The End Of The Edinburgh Film Festival?

Ticket sales weren't great last year, this year they are tweeting away that they still have tickets left for many shows (except for Troll Hunter that is). Monday evening, apparently a must-see horror, Rabies, and there are a fair few empty seats in one of the smallest screens in Edinburgh. Not a good sign. Worst yet I walked out half way through as this clearly wasn't the great film I'd b been promised (a good film), it was laughably over-the-top without any grounding of reality (45 minutes in I was so bored I left before it wasted more of my time). So you cut the number of films in half and still manage to pick bad films... Really not a good sign! I think the only hope of salvation is moving back to August and getting in a better artistic director, one just half as good as Shane Danielson would make me very happy! My other ticket is going to be posted back to this year's (only had a contract until July) artistic director with a letter saying I didn't want to be disappointed again so I'd rather not use the ticket. Good bye old friend,  it was nice knowing you...  It seems you are now the sole refuge of industry folk, rather than film-watchers... :(

There Is No Best Of The Film Fest In 2011's EIFF

Well, Monday has come and gone which means that there is no "Best of the Fest" for this year's heavily cut down Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011.  There is space in the cinemas for the final Sunday but there are no mentions of it in the brochure or on the website.  It was one thing, three years ago moving the EIFF to June, but ditching the "Best of the Fest" is madness ... unless this is all leading up to an August date for "Best of the Fest 2011"?  Not sure if I'm keen on that idea...

Following the bold move by Hannah McGill (someone I am not a fan of) to separate the EIFF from the rest of the Edinburgh Festivals seemed to work initially (although I wasn't hugely impressed with the films selected each year).  No more clashes in August due to the late release of the EIFF planner and no more missed films due to tiredness.  Well, it worked for me.  According to the Herald, the Glasgow Film Festival has almost twice as many unique visitors and it's not even married up with the film industry (which may explain why the EIFF has some questionable selections)!  With half as many films showing this year, no longer any red carpets and Cineworld (best cinema in Edinburgh) ceasing to be one of the main venues, it looks like the EIFF is really struggling.

You can tell it's a sad state of affairs when I only try to book three tickets this year (and one of those was sold out but I'll catch it on main release in a few months).  Three more films were interesting but when they are out on general release in less than two months *and* tickets are now £9 without any special offers (like the previous 'buy five get a sixth free') then it's hard to find a compelling reason to visit the EIFF, which is a little bit heart-breaking.  Under Shane Danielson the EIFF introduced me to good films, to diversity, to unknown directors, great moments and controversy - all in the name of art.  I hope you manage to survive old friend, I'm off to the first of my only two films this year...

18 June 2011

16 June 2011

The Green Light Will Save The World!

In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight...

23 July 2010

Mark Kermode Offers Insights to Inception's Inspiration

Firstly, Inception is a very good film.  As I'm not a huge fan of The Dark Knight (it's a decent film but a bit spoilt by weak acting from Bale and a needless 30 min extra bit tacked on about Two Face) it really shows what Christopher Nolan can do when given full creative control (I assume with Batman the studio interfered / put restrictions on him to some degree) and more importantly, works with good actors (Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are great talents, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy put in very good performances).  So what's not to like?  Well it seems the publicity machine is claiming it's the first time a film has been set almost entirely in someone's dream, and quite rightly Mark Kermode takes them to task on that:

5 June 2010 And British Cinema Plumbs Depths Below Alice Creed

So the worst three "films" I have seen this year are all British (well, English).  That's a very sad commentary on the state of UK cinema give the resurgence during the early 21st Century.  Trash of the Titans at least earned a score worthy of distracting me when I have nothing else to do (perhaps sitting on a long haul flight and can't sleep, although the last time that was the case, Quantum of Solace quickly sent me to sleep with its incessant talking and minimal action).  Then came a film I scratched my car to go and see, The Disappearance of Alice Creed.  For sometime I hoped the "director" would disappear from his apparent day job and maybe do something useful to the world instead.  The film was written and acted as if being performed by group of A Level students who aren't even top of their class in a mid-city school not known for its art courses.  Something would have to be pretty bad to beat the "5 out of 10 - don't watch it even if it is free" score of Alice Creed.
And then came Noel Clarke and a film which would be considered offensive and childish if it was actually made by GCSE girls with attitude problems.  I assume the title really refers to the number of weeks they spent on different aspects of the film, such as the combined number of weeks spent in acting classes by the cast (4 weeks), the time spent watching other films to copy their original directing tools (3 weeks as the subtitles in Rent Lola Rent can be complicated if you are not used to good films), writing the "dialogue" (2 weeks and that included a 10 day holiday), and they amount of time this film should have been in production (rounded up to the nearest full week, 1).
This is the first 4 out of 10 film in a while (since last year's festival actually and the apparently brilliant Dario Argento's appalling Giallo) which translates as zero stars and means walk out (or don't let someone drag you in in the first place).  I cannot overstate just how poor this film is for a "mainstream" release.  There is absolutely nothing good about it and if you consider modern covers of good songs as a redeemable aspect of a film then I'm afraid you are as mis-guided as Noel Clarke.  The only saving grace is that is it is still some levels above the worst film of all time (also British), The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael.  A message to Noel Clarke:  You like borrowing ideas and full stops?  Let me remind you of the telegram in Blackadder Goes Forth and ask you to "please STOP"

27 April 2010

Toy Story 3's UK Premiere IS In Edinburgh At EIFF!

Just as I exclusively revealed, I mean, deduced back on this site in October 2009, the UK Premiere of Toy Story 3 *will* be in Edinburgh on 19th June as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  I've even got the date correct!  In fact as it doesn't look like it's being shown out of competition in Cannes, it will (probably) be the European Premiere.  Let's all say it together... I was right!