28 March 2012

Scaffolding Sprouts Up As Quick As Bamboo In Hong Kong

Danger: Mem working at great height above. On scaffolding. Made out of bamboo. Wow! Apparently it's very strong and lightweight so a great material. Think I'd prefer metal though...

Advertising Location Is Better Than Location Location

It seems battles can still rage even after one party wins a coveted location... Here on Hong Kong Island KFC clearly have a great location, so much so that McDonald's wants to advertise right next to it! Naturally KFC decide to place a huge advert right above their own store. Madness...

My First Taste Of China, Just Past Customs

My first ever sight of "China" (well, Hong Kong) , as I exit Customs at Hong Kong airport. It's amazing how exotic and eastern it looks...

17 March 2012

Altruistic Graffiti Or Another Art Student Project?

 Edinburgh is seeing an increase in chalk graffiti right now but this time it has a message.  Unlike a decade ago when an art student promoted his degree show chalking (is that even a verb?) "Who Is Ryder?" across Edinburgh, this time the graffiti has a message of doing good.  The day after Valentine's Day we have "You Look Pretty Today! :)" and a week before Mother's Day (it's tomorrow!) "Tell Your Mother You Love Her!" appears.

Is this the work of someone wanting to make the city a happier place, or an experimental piece of art about love (such a cynical thought!)...?

PS: #700

UPDATE:  Another nice one taken near The Royal Mile (via Google Local Edinburgh's twitter feed)

13 March 2012

Pixar's Brave European Premiere Is '7 Days Later'

Okay, so I got it wrong.  My carefully predicted estimate of the European Premiere for Pixar's Brave was a week earlier than it actually will be as they have decided to have the premiere on
 the closing night of the 2012 EIFF.  It's a pretty good idea to make it a focal point although I think closing night films are even ore expensive (the opening night film is usually £15), should have factored the money making aspect in to my calculation!

8 March 2012

Too Big To Nick? Then Fake Chain It Up!

How exactly are these chains helping? If it's to stop it falling over why the padlocks and not just simple (cheap) rope? Or do they not see the flaw in their plan...?

6 March 2012

Divorse Is Such An Ugly (Spelled) Word

Every time I read the word "Divorse" I cry. I think they should separate with their sign painter...

4 March 2012

I'm Only Two-Thirds Of A Devil

Maybe it's time to go to bed... Or work harder to be more of a (the) beast...

2 March 2012

Another Muppet's Film Is One It's Way, Yay!!

After a hugely successful, Oscar winning film, it seems that we are (hopefully) at the start he start of a new series of Muppets films as Coming Soon.net is reporting that a sequel to The Muppets is on its way! Another Oscar winner?  Maybe Best Film..? Yay!! C'mon everybody...