31 October 2011

Couldn't Decide What To Wear Today...

Do you ever have one of those days? Which colour body paint should I put on...?

28 October 2011

Government Sponsored Graffiti For Youths Too Young To Remember

Now this is an urban adventure in advertising, graffiti trying to reach youths who are too young to remember (or is that the advertising agency?). Simple message - don't choose a knife, choose life. Putting it on a pavement is the only redeeming feature about this campaign though as the fuller message (on the bus stop posters) shows a guy who had a job and a girlfriend (which might lead to a career and a family). So I guess the full message is choose life, choose a job, choose a career, choose a family, choose a fucking big television, don't choose something else (or a derivative ad campaign)...

25 October 2011

Me and Ryan Gosling Out In London

Hello Ladies! Drive star and shortly The Ides Of March star Ryan Gosling (lookalike Andy Regent) and me are out on the town! He does a really good Middlesbrough accent ;)

Save The Environment - Get Your Milk In Plastic Bags!

I thought supermarkets were trying to reduce their plastic bag usage? Then it comes as a bit of a surprise that J Sainsbury are promoting milk in plastic bags! Oh yeah, imagine the mess and leaks and fun stomping in one..! How long will they last..?

5 October 2011

Live In Edinburgh? Fly From Aberdeen To London For Business!

What a great idea easyJet has. Advertise their flights that may suit business travellers in Edinburgh. For example lots of people want to fly into London so it'll be really easy for them to get the flight from Aberdeen (ABZ) that gets in at 10.15. Now you may say 10.15 into Gatwick is hardly good for business travellers, but you have to remember that it'll take around four hours to get to Aberdeen from Edinburgh on a good day...