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31 July 2010

Two Ways To Root A Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro

Just like buses...  Firstly, a group of very generous people have got together to buy an expert German coder an X10 Mini Pro and within a day and a half we have a rooting method based on an OTA procedure.  This will allow you to install custom ROMs at a later date, as well as removing the un-wanted apps installed by Sony Ericsson.  For more details on Bin4ry's method take a look at XDA Developers.
The second method was actually posted before Bin4ry rooted the phone and works off a security exploit by (I believe) a Czech guru called nadlabak.  His rooting system is a bit easier as it works on all versions but can easily be fixed in the next software update so I'm using it until Bin4ry's version works for my firmware.  His exploit (referred to as Exploid) can be seen on his website.
Bye bye RoadSync, RollerCoaster, Peggle, Notes and TimeScape (although rather than removing the last two I renamed the apps from *.apk to *.bak just in case...)!