31 January 2012

Two Meals For £5, Choice Of One Meal

What a great deal in The Grovsenor at Edinburgh West End. 2 meals for a fiver and you get to choose from (reading the asterisk) erm, incredibly there's only one choice! Why not create a more accurate (and honest) advert, 2 Chicken, Ham and Leek Pies for £5..?

29 January 2012

Drive Misses Out On Best Soundtrack Oscar Nod

Hmmm, not happy about this.  According to Variety, Drive was ruled out in the category for Best Soundtrack because (according to 'sources') of "two problems: songs instead of score at key dramatic points, and Martinez not being the only composer listed on the official studio cue sheet. Apparently two other names were included as contributing to some cues".  This is a real shame as the music to Drive was exceptional and had a haunting quality the accentuated the film's impact.  Oh well, life goes on.  If you want another hit then here's the YouTube video for the (non-Cliff Martinez) main song, A Real Hero by College.  On the other hand, let's face it this award is destined for The Artist...

28 January 2012

Tesco Entrance Man Has Fat Back

I'm not one for normally pointing out people's physical foibles, but when you are a 2-dimensional image on an entrance sign to a Tesco store you really should take better care of yourself so that you don't have a noticeable 'fat back'.

27 January 2012

The Rare Semi-Semi-Semi-Colon Key for Half Winks

I was working on my Lenovo laptop the other day and wanted to send a half-wink smilie.  You know, a subtle or sly wink that doesn't require the full ;)  Thankfully my laptop includes the rare punctuation mark the "semi semi semi colon" as seen here.  Perfect, just what I was after...

24 January 2012

Exlusive: Vue Cinemas Are Really Into Saving Paper

Have a UK exclusive on Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D (why?) must be a big deal to some people, so it really shows just how much Vue Cinemas are committed to not wasting paper.  Shame the same can't be said about their commitment to quality checking before they print, or just back spell-chekcing...

8 January 2012

European Premiere of Pixar's Brave 23rd June in Edinburgh

You don't have to be a member of Mensa to work this one out do you..?  Two years after I correctly scooped the rest of the world with the "announcement" of the highly sought after European Premiere of Toy Story 3 (inspired by what they did with Wall.E) I'm back at it this year with the European Premiere of Brave.  It will be 24 hours after the US launch and the first Saturday of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  No ifs or buts this time.  4 years ago they did it with Wall.E, 2 years ago they did it for Toy Story 3 and this year they will do it for a film set in Scotland!  So there is something good about the EIFF being in June...!

7 January 2012

Polish Student Hangs Own Work In Gallery ... Copycat!

An unknown art student boosts his profile after hanging one of his own paintings at the National Museum in Poland (from BBC News).

Been there, done that...!

Is Hanging (In A Modern Art Galley) Too Good For Me? I guess that's the question ever self-obsessed egotist has to ask, is my art hanging in the National Gallery of Ireland too good for me? Probab...

3 January 2012

Blowing Away The Memories of Last Year

Alt. "Urgent toothpick required by giant" (Thanks Irwin)...

Happy New Year all the same!