12 July 2014

Heart-breaker: Pram, Never Used, *Not* For Sale.

As a surprising twist on one of the shortest stories out there ("For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn") we have this heart-breaking story.  Pram, never used, *not* for sale.  I would pay a silly amount of money for this pram.  Well, if I had somewhere amazing to display it...

11 July 2014

Truly Of Biblical Proportions - It's Coming In Only 7 Weeks!

I know the headline reads like linkbait, but oh dear God, this has caused tears to start running down my face.  It has to happen in the UK, it has to...  Don't make me beg.  Please....!!

10 July 2014

Tesco Find A New Pathway To Failing At Basic Maths

The strange thing is, this didn't shock me that much. Not being able to spot that £1.50 is not 25% of £8, despite such a simple check. If dividing by 4 is too hard for you, just half it and have it again - even a child can do that!