11 November 2014

Exclusive: Toy Story 4's European Premiere Will Be Sat 17th June 2017!

Yes, I am crazy enough to state the date almost 3 years out...!  Why?  Well it will be 7 years since Toy Story 3 which I correctly predicted would be premiering at EIFF 2010 (4 months before it was announced).  With a summer Edinburgh International Film Festival, it fits in nicely with Disney / Pixar's summer release in the States, and is earlier than a lot of the English school holidays (which child-friendly films are reserved for).  So assuming EIFF2016 is still in June, and EIFF2017 too, as well as assuming Cineworld is still trading and a sponsor of the EIFF, and they manage to secure the rights like they did for Wall.E and Toy Story 3, (phew!) then the European Premiere of Toy Story 4 will be in Cineworld Edinburgh (Fountainpark) on Saturday 17th June 2017 at 6pm.  Let's see if I'm correct, just 2.5 years until the programme is announced... ;)

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