17 January 2013

Princess Square In Glasgow Shows Off It's (Pea-) Cocky Front

Edinburgh - I love you.  But there is something about the architecture in Glasgow that is refreshing and bold - very similar in many ways to Liverpool.  And without doubt Princess Square in Glasgow wins the award for 'Best Building Decorations Ever'!  That said (as NM pointed out), c'mon Glasgow City Council - you still have what looks like a Christmas tree up!

16 January 2013

Getting Inspiration From The Heavens On A Crisp Morn

1 Pictures often say a thousand words.  In these three shots, all one thousand words are synonyms for beautiful.  I'll let you enjoy them in peace...

3   2

13 January 2013

Ever Get The Feeling Buildings Are Watching You…?

They are watching us all...  And this seems to be the Queen of the Watchers, else why is 'she' wearing a tiara?  Let's hope they are watching out for us, just like the Liver Birds do in Liverpool.  On the plus side, this building can't fly away!

10 January 2013

Is This The Birth Of A New Universe Visible To The Naked Eye?

Probably not, but "oil" let you decide... (what a awful pun next to a pretty / enigmatic picture...)

9 January 2013

Through The Square Window Today, We Have A Crescent Moon...

What a lovely sight to wake up to.  A soft velvet sky with greens and blue, a twinkling crescent moon hanging gently to the left of an extinct volcano.  Good morning stars!  Good morning moon!  Good morning Scotland!

5 January 2013

Scotland Has Stunning Scenery And Stunning Chillies!

These Scotch Bonnet chillies sure look pretty... And I. sure they will be pretty mind blowing later on! Thanks to Jamie Oliver I get to use them in a variation of his Christmas Jerk Pork!

4 January 2013

It’s Like 10,000 peppers When All You Need Is A Salt...

Whilst Ed Byrne has famously asked Alanis "how big is your sink", it seems I have to ask a certain pub "how popular do you think pepper is"?  This is the 'salt and pepper' bowl.  Maybe they think all their customers are slugs, I suppose some of them are a bit slimey...

3 January 2013

Can You Have The “January Blues” In A City As Enchanting As Edinburgh...?

Can you have the “January Blues” in a city as enchanting as Edinburgh..? Let me go for a walk and ponder that possibility...