24 December 2011

Liverpool Decorate Their Trees With Real Leaves!

It shows how mild it has been this year / Autumn / Winter, this tree at the top of the main street in Liverpool still has its real green leaves on Christmas Eve! To think, this time last year it was -10°C and the base of it was covered in ice and snow...

18 December 2011

Winter Cider Wars: Magner's Spiced Apple & Honey Beats Rekorderlig

It seems as if cider is not just a summer drink now. All big name of cider makers have winter varieties out (so nothing from Bulmer's then) but only one can win. And whose is it? Well, starting at the bottom Magner's Apple & Rhubarb and Kopaberg's Cranberry & Cinnamon are both one time tastes (no real desire to taste them again). Magner's Pear & Ginger is a nice twist but it doesn't feel very seasonal. So to the top two, Magner's Spiced Apple & Honey and Rekorderlig's Apple, Cinnamon & Vanilla. The latter is incredibly drinkable and as a nice twist has the option to be served hot in a customer glass, but only half the serving (250ml vs 500ml). Magner's have added warmth to their staple flavour and it's this depth that makes the drink feel more Christmassy. It was very close, but once again Magner's wins the best cider title. Now if only they were following me on Twitter...

13 December 2011

Katy Perry Is Going 200KM/H In The Wrong Direction

Who says I don't listen to recent music? ;) Yes I know I'm late to the game but I've had this song "running through my head" lately and it's very familiar. Maybe I've lost my mind... Tell me Katy Perry's E.T. isn't heavily "influenced" by t.A.T.u. (and I know t.A.T.u.)...
First up, t.A.T.u.'s All The Things She Said
Now the newer version by Katy Perry, E.T. 

12 December 2011

Tough Act To Follow... Milk on Facebook?

Seriously?  I know companies are desperate to jump on the Social Media wagon but really, who is going to follow "Milk" on Facebook and/or Twitter?

3 December 2011

Why Is A Short Guy Advertising To Tall Men?

If "Size Matters", why is a short guy holding a sign advertising clothes for tall men? Sure the sign will be at their eye level, but why not get a tall man to hold it and be seen above the other tall men? Plus surely that guy holding the sign feels really inadequate...

Trams Finally Run Down Princes St in Edinburgh!

It might be off the rails (subtle political comment?) and on the wrong side of the road (blame the German contractors!) but we finally have a "tram" running along Princes Street in Edinburgh. Sadly, this may also be the closest we ever come...

28 November 2011

Imported Japanese Beer From Canada!?! WTF...

Sigh.  I see the lovely Japanese lager Sapporo on sale in Tesco with the glorious words on the front "Imported".  Wonderful, so happy!  Then I look at the back (because I'm a curious monkie [sic]) and I see that it's brewed in Canada.  Why?!  Sad face. [Side note: This was first published on Google+ ... are you on there?]

14 November 2011

Tesco Breaks (Galaxy) Promise - More Dodgy Deals

Sigh. I always looked at the SEL (shelf edge labels) when i put them out. Are the people across the UK in Tesco mere automatons? Galaxy Promises in Caramel or Truffle, £1.50 each or 2 for £4...

5 November 2011

Google Maps Has Been Rigged ... Thankfully!

Google are altering their search results - and I have proof!  Thankfully this is a good thing though.  A wishing-to-be-anonymous frien-d on-line forward me an email he sent through to Google Maps about their auto-complete of the location of the horrific massacre by Anders Behring Breivik.  Entering "utoeya, norway" autocompletes to 'Did you mean: utopia, norway'.  Eep.  Thankfully Google acted relatively swiftly and it now corrects to 'Did you mean: utoya, norway' and links to Ut√łya.