12 June 2010

ITV1 HD Miss Opening England Goal & Only Scotland Has HD Now!

Wow, I knew ITV was a channel in trouble but accidentally pressing the "go to advert" button the second the England throw-in was going to be taken and missing Steven Gerrard's delightful goal is a huge own-goal!  Apparently this didn't happen on regular ITV, just restricted to their much-hyped ITV1 HD channel. What makes it worse is that as they have restored the feed it is standard-definition, not HD (look in the top right, there is no HD logo).  You can also confirm this by flicking between the normal ITV channel and HD versions and you'll notice no picture difference and no time delay (the HD version is usually behind the normal version).   So you can't watch the England game in HD on ITV, unless of course you live in Scotland where we have STV and their HD feed has been un-interrupted so the Scots are the only people watching England in HD right now!  You can't right things this funny...  Anyway, someone's head should roll for this especially as it comes after ITV messed up the deciding goal against Liverpool in the dying minutes of extra time in the FA Cup game against Everton.
UPDATED:  It seems they have restored some camera feeds for the mid-point of the half (as the ITV HD logo returned) but the whole game is still not in full HD in England, only in Scotland!  Furthermore the second half is being broadcast only in standard definition.


  1. Maybe it's a good thing that England didn't see that howler by keeper Robert Green in HD, it would have looked so much worse! I've just sent out a tweet about England's World Cup future. It seems the future isn't so bright, if the future's Green... :(

  2. no is back in SD...damn it!

  3. As bimbobionico quite rightly points out, back to standard definition again for the second half. Neither goal was actually broadcast in HD in England (both were in Scotland though!). Probably for the best as Green's howler would have looked at lot worse in HD... In fact a Scottish friend with HD has just informed me that Green's mistake would have looked bad on radio!