18 December 2011

Winter Cider Wars: Magner's Spiced Apple & Honey Beats Rekorderlig

It seems as if cider is not just a summer drink now. All big name of cider makers have winter varieties out (so nothing from Bulmer's then) but only one can win. And whose is it? Well, starting at the bottom Magner's Apple & Rhubarb and Kopaberg's Cranberry & Cinnamon are both one time tastes (no real desire to taste them again). Magner's Pear & Ginger is a nice twist but it doesn't feel very seasonal. So to the top two, Magner's Spiced Apple & Honey and Rekorderlig's Apple, Cinnamon & Vanilla. The latter is incredibly drinkable and as a nice twist has the option to be served hot in a customer glass, but only half the serving (250ml vs 500ml). Magner's have added warmth to their staple flavour and it's this depth that makes the drink feel more Christmassy. It was very close, but once again Magner's wins the best cider title. Now if only they were following me on Twitter...

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