14 February 2013

Google Is Spreading The Love Of Me Underwater

A treat for everyone of Valentine's Day, for any woman, man or other.  After a brief hiatus I'm back in the top four images for "person underwater".  This sexy / questionable *(delete as appropriate) pose, which is very hard to maintain underwater with your eyes wide open, is back in the top four images when searching for person underwater, which means when you enter a normal web search through Google, it offers you me as an image you may want to see!  And who wouldn't...?  Other than those people with functioning eyes...?
#egotist or #ironic or #bitofboth


  1. amazing

    you are amazing underwater so seasy , so hot

    really want to see other pics from you underwater

    a french fan

  2. Merci! Mais désolé - il n'y a pas d'autres... Il est très difficile de faire!