17 March 2012

Altruistic Graffiti Or Another Art Student Project?

 Edinburgh is seeing an increase in chalk graffiti right now but this time it has a message.  Unlike a decade ago when an art student promoted his degree show chalking (is that even a verb?) "Who Is Ryder?" across Edinburgh, this time the graffiti has a message of doing good.  The day after Valentine's Day we have "You Look Pretty Today! :)" and a week before Mother's Day (it's tomorrow!) "Tell Your Mother You Love Her!" appears.

Is this the work of someone wanting to make the city a happier place, or an experimental piece of art about love (such a cynical thought!)...?

PS: #700

UPDATE:  Another nice one taken near The Royal Mile (via Google Local Edinburgh's twitter feed)


  1. everytime i see the SMILE one at meadowbank it makes me smile :)

  2. I've never seen that one, can you snap me a picture please..?

  3. It's been to wet for this last month. I'll put some more up when the sun comes again. :)

  4. Looks like Anonymous is back with a compliment for National Compliment Day!