25 August 2010

The Official Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominees Are...

I said it at the outset of this new sponsorship, I don't give a XXXX who sponsors this award just as long as someone good (with a great show) wins it!  So who is in the frame?  Here are the official nominees for the Best Comedy Show (the main award, née If.com Eddie, née Perrier) are:
* Greg Davies (called it!)
* Bo Burnham (called it!)
* Russell Kane (good show but not better than last year's)
* Sarah Millican (good show but hardly award winning)
* Josie Long (haven't heard anything, wasn't taken by her style a couple of years ago)
My pick would have to be either Greg or Bo, both had five star shows.  If I'm forced to choose, they'll go home grown and award it to Greg.

To complete the set, the nominees for the Best Newcomer are:
* The Boy With Tape On His Face (called it!)
* Asher Treleaven
* Imran Yusuf
* Gareth Richards
* Late Night Gimp Fight
* Roisin Conaty
Not knowing or hearing much about the others, The Boy With Tape On His Face has to be the hot favourite.  So glad I'm seeing him tonight!  Roll on Sunday 12am...

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