11 April 2010

Swans Abandon Egg A Week After Easter...

I assume that Easter being over cannot be the reason reason why a pair of swans have decided to leave their one egg completely unguarded in a relatively open nest...  I know the picture isn't great but the day before I saw the female re-adjusting herself and caught a glimpse of the egg, but the next day they have both disappeared in the middle of the day.  I always thought one bird stays with the nest at all times to protect the delicate egg from predators...  Fortunately the day after I took this one swan was back guarding the egg, along with some geese nesting on the same little island.


  1. Hi Phil - the female usually lays her eggs over a period of about two weeks. During that time she or her mate will stand guard, and sit on them enough to stop them dying, but she won't incubate properly. She only starts the five weeks of incubation (ie constant sitting) when all are laid. That way, they all hatch at the same time.

  2. I've been keeping an eye on a local nest near me in Hamden CT. Everyday a swan has been in the nest, this morning the eggs were unguarded with no swan in site...I WILL be a worry wart until I see a swan back on there.