28 February 2010

¡Estoy Muy Impresionado Con O2!

Just because an innovative sub-company of a British institution gets spun off into its own company and then sold to a Spanish giant, doesn't automatically mean things are going to go downhill...  I've been relatively intrepid about likely changes to my mobile coverage and costs since Telefonica took over O2, however none have been revealed (so far).  So last year why Sky started playing silly buggers with their Talk and Broadband packages (basically taking them off the BT newtork to their own new network, so if you ever wanted to leave you would lose service for several days) with the mis-leading promise of faster speeds (but some customers, including me, would actually get a slower speed) but a 75% reduction in download allowance - and of course increased costs(!) I decided to look around for a new provider and O2 won my business (for my 10th year of having ADSL!).  So, after the long-winded preamble how have they impressed me?  This is the email I got a few weeks ago:

We’re sorry but your O2 Home Broadband will be slower than normal between this Saturday 08:00am and Sunday 08:00am. A transport company is doing some major track side maintenance work where we have some cables, which will affect the speed of your broadband service.  Even though this is beyond our control, we’re sorry.

Wow!  Pre-emptively warning me about possible interference in my internet access and it's not even their guys doing the interfering!  ¡Muy impresionado!

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