26 February 2012

1 Million People Listened To John Paul II Here

Great shot, lovely day and great composition (if I do say so myself). This is Phoenix Park, the largest (walled) park in Europe and the location of Pope John Paul II's mass in 1979 to over one million Irish Catholics (one would assume those two groupings are correct). Legend has it the city folk made loads of sandwiches to sell to the influx of 'tourists' at some cost but expecting a decent profit. The travelling thousands brought their own food and a huge amount of food (and money) was lost!

25 February 2012

'Labelz Are For Jars Not People'

Great art / graffiti on the banks of the River Liffey in central Dublin.

Why Does The EICA At Ratho Twist My Words?

They may not "my" words per se, but these are words I could say.  It's just a shame they have been twisted and are running upside down (and rotated 90°).  All credit to Donald-san for spotting this (on our way to a fantastic hour abseiling) at the EICA in Ratho.

With Friends = Happy. Jump Off A 92 Foot Ledge = Sad

Lovely before and after pick of mine good friend Patrik looking all happy before a barrier, then when he steps past it he realises he is about to step off a ledge 92' in the air at the fantastic Edinburgh International Climbing Arena in Ratho, for some reason he looks less happy...

Jumangee! Do NOT Try This At Home (Or In A Bar)!

This was bad... Rather than the 'normal' three WKDs in a pint glass, we went crazy and made it all four. Never (drinking) again...

11 February 2012

99 Hanover St Can't Spell (Or Subverts Customers)

Sigh! Why is it always bars? Just like The Kilted Pig it seems 99 Hanover St can't spell correctly or are tricking customers (kidding!). Complimentary nibbles are free, whilst complementary nibbles go well with the drinks. Which is it? Granted it could be both but I'm betting potential customers only care about the 'free' one...

7 February 2012

Edinburgh's Shore Sure Looks Still & Stunning

Walking around The Shore is really nice on a bright blue morning and no ducks muddying the waters...

4 February 2012

Nescafe Subliminally Sponsors The RBS Six Nations

So Nescafe (not to be confused with Julian Baggini's faux company Nest Cafe in The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten) have a new advert out, just as the Six Nations Rugby Union competition kicks off. It's spooky then that a coffee bean with 'gold' stamps on it looks so much like a rugby Ball isn't it... Let's see how long this campaign stays up after the tournament ends...

31 January 2012

Two Meals For £5, Choice Of One Meal

What a great deal in The Grovsenor at Edinburgh West End. 2 meals for a fiver and you get to choose from (reading the asterisk) erm, incredibly there's only one choice! Why not create a more accurate (and honest) advert, 2 Chicken, Ham and Leek Pies for £5..?

29 January 2012

Drive Misses Out On Best Soundtrack Oscar Nod

Hmmm, not happy about this.  According to Variety, Drive was ruled out in the category for Best Soundtrack because (according to 'sources') of "two problems: songs instead of score at key dramatic points, and Martinez not being the only composer listed on the official studio cue sheet. Apparently two other names were included as contributing to some cues".  This is a real shame as the music to Drive was exceptional and had a haunting quality the accentuated the film's impact.  Oh well, life goes on.  If you want another hit then here's the YouTube video for the (non-Cliff Martinez) main song, A Real Hero by College.  On the other hand, let's face it this award is destined for The Artist...