13 March 2011

15 Years Ago We Lost The Boys From London

In a pre-internet proliferation age, the death of two icons sadly happened just over 15 years ago, on 21st January 1996, and sadly the world did not seem to know.  This morning I learnt of the passing of Edem Ephraim and Dennis Fuller, better known as the London Boys, due to a drunk driver trying to overtake on the wrong side of the road in the Austrian Alps.  This Requiem is for you both.  Never gonna get enough...  In fact your album was the first album I ever bought (as a record obviously).  Let's hear about London Nights one more time...

8 March 2011

Fast Car = No Respect For Emergency Services?

I've got a fast car, I'm gonna drive it anywhere... But I'm wondering if this person actually respects the Emergency Services? Or is he just pro-European and wants us to use 112?

6 March 2011

A Healthy, Sugar-Free 'Juice' Drink

For some reason Irn Bru is deciding to advertise in Scotland. England (through the Super League) I get, but Scotland? They've also decided to re-brand their Diet version to Sugar-Free, probably to make it clear it is the healthier option. Shame then that they use Scottish slang describing it as a 'can of juice'. What exactly did you juice (verb) to get that liquid, girders..? No wonder Scotland has health issues when the slang terms are being endorsed through advertising.

28 February 2011

The Best Design Of Plastic Water Bottles

Simply take the usefulness of expensive aluminium containers and in turn make a very cool cap for a one litre bottle. Well done Grupo Damm, the guys behind Estrella lager!

19 February 2011

18 February 2011

How I Decorate The Table For A Chinese Takeaway

I know what you are thinking, but the only person I am trying to impress tonight is me! So no change there then... Still, it beats putting older roses straight in the bin!

13 February 2011

Fire Safety Can Be Practical Too

Are you frustrated with a large fire resistant door that auto-closes and a sign reading 'Fire Door Keep Closed' that just doesn't look cool when opened and potentially puts your customers at risk? Then why not wedge it open with a matching fire extinguisher? Remember, fire kills but subverting fire saftey can look stylish...

12 February 2011

The New And Original Bulmers Is Berry Good

The real Bulmers (known as Magners in the UK, read why here) has a great new flavour out in Ireland called Berry. It's made of raspberries and strawberries, plus apples of course. Strangely though the Irish haven't experienced the Golden Draft slightly sweeter less tart version we have.

Is Hanging (In A Modern Art Galley) Too Good For Me?

I guess that's the question ever self-obsessed egotist has to ask, is my art hanging in the National Gallery of Ireland too good for me? Probably not. So here is my first entry, currently hanging in the Moderns exhibit celebrating modern art. It's simply called 'Future'.

11 February 2011

Where Is Gate 8 In Edinburgh Airport?

Short answer, it doesn't exist! For some bizarre unknown reason, Edinburgh Airport does not have a gate numbered 8. It has a 13 which is usually a superstitious number but as you can see from this picture, it goes Gate 7 then 9 (and the other side of the building is Security checkpoints. In all seriousness I emailed them asking why but no one has ever bothered to reply... Can anyone think of a good reason to omit Gate 8?