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9 January 2013

Through The Square Window Today, We Have A Crescent Moon...

What a lovely sight to wake up to.  A soft velvet sky with greens and blue, a twinkling crescent moon hanging gently to the left of an extinct volcano.  Good morning stars!  Good morning moon!  Good morning Scotland!

5 January 2013

Scotland Has Stunning Scenery And Stunning Chillies!

These Scotch Bonnet chillies sure look pretty... And I. sure they will be pretty mind blowing later on! Thanks to Jamie Oliver I get to use them in a variation of his Christmas Jerk Pork!

4 January 2013

It’s Like 10,000 peppers When All You Need Is A Salt...

Whilst Ed Byrne has famously asked Alanis "how big is your sink", it seems I have to ask a certain pub "how popular do you think pepper is"?  This is the 'salt and pepper' bowl.  Maybe they think all their customers are slugs, I suppose some of them are a bit slimey...

3 January 2013

Can You Have The “January Blues” In A City As Enchanting As Edinburgh...?

Can you have the “January Blues” in a city as enchanting as Edinburgh..? Let me go for a walk and ponder that possibility...

30 November 2012

Happy St. Andrew's Day - Here's That Saltire Sky Again!

Another year, another St. Andrew's Day, another excuse to post "that saltire sky" photo I took from the east end of George Street (whilst hanging out on roof tops, fighting crime).  This time it's on my Instagram profile, so enjoy!  
PS:  It's a little bit cold outside this St. Andrew's Day morning, as in -1.7°C in central Edinburgh at time of posting!

31 October 2012

Ly-Canth Not Believe This 'Were' My Hallowe'en Costume...

It's a full moon.  It's Hallowe'en.  And it seems I've 'turned' into a sexy werewolf...  Or maybe this has nothing to do with the time of the month and the month of the year, and it just so happens I'm a pretty hairy little monkey...!  Loup Garou!

28 October 2012

Rekorderlig Made This Man-Go (Rasp-) Berry Happy!

Rekorderlig have done it again!  After the failed 'Apricot & Peach' which only seems to be available in Tesco, Rekorderlig hit the sweet spot with Orange & Ginger cider.  In an unusual bar this weekend, filled with Friday evening work refugees, I spied yet another wild sounding cider: Mango & Raspberry.  So how does it taste?  Incredible!  As you can see it's a red drink but the mango really works and it's a refreshing and very drinkable beverage from the world leaders in fruit cider making!  Please don't stop innovating Rekorderlig!

27 October 2012

Worst Hallowe'en Decorations Ever At The Dome, Edinburgh

Sigh...  We haven't even reached Hallowe'en yet and The Dome has their Christmas decorations up.  Why couldn't they have gone to this effort for All Hallows' Eve...?

24 October 2012

If New Instagram Photo Then Post To Blog

Over the years I've taken a lot of photos, and Instagram allows me to quickly snap something and push it out to my feed, as well as Twitter and Facebook but not Blogger :(  Despite Instagram not having a web feed, you can view my current photos and captions at gramfeed.

So thanks to If This Then That (IFTTT) I've added a link that should mean my photos are added straight to this blog.  Hopefully it won't create double entries in other social media but we will see...  Now if only I could get this linked up properly to Google+ too I could have all my chickens in one basket ;)

UPDATE:  Okay, this auto-posting is causing duplicates in both Twitter and Facebook, so it's easier just to integrate my Instagram feed as my slideshow and manually post the best pictures.  Of course when IFTTT gets the option to add 'exceptions' then I can automate almost everything (will just be waiting for Google+ to provide API access)!

6 March 2012

Divorse Is Such An Ugly (Spelled) Word

Every time I read the word "Divorse" I cry. I think they should separate with their sign painter...

28 January 2012

Tesco Entrance Man Has Fat Back

I'm not one for normally pointing out people's physical foibles, but when you are a 2-dimensional image on an entrance sign to a Tesco store you really should take better care of yourself so that you don't have a noticeable 'fat back'.

27 January 2012

The Rare Semi-Semi-Semi-Colon Key for Half Winks

I was working on my Lenovo laptop the other day and wanted to send a half-wink smilie.  You know, a subtle or sly wink that doesn't require the full ;)  Thankfully my laptop includes the rare punctuation mark the "semi semi semi colon" as seen here.  Perfect, just what I was after...

24 January 2012

Exlusive: Vue Cinemas Are Really Into Saving Paper

Have a UK exclusive on Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D (why?) must be a big deal to some people, so it really shows just how much Vue Cinemas are committed to not wasting paper.  Shame the same can't be said about their commitment to quality checking before they print, or just back spell-chekcing...

3 January 2012

Blowing Away The Memories of Last Year

Alt. "Urgent toothpick required by giant" (Thanks Irwin)...

Happy New Year all the same!

26 December 2011

Boxing Day Has Everything (For Trees)

Yes, the is another tree related global warming post. It's Boxing Day and it's about 12°C with blue skies. But like i said the other day, this year the seasons have been quite messed up and this one tree has no leaves, weird buds and green leaves on different areas in the middle of winter, 4 days past the shortest day. Very strange (and no Neil, it's nit because the Scousers have nicked the leaves off the other side...)!

24 December 2011

Liverpool Decorate Their Trees With Real Leaves!

It shows how mild it has been this year / Autumn / Winter, this tree at the top of the main street in Liverpool still has its real green leaves on Christmas Eve! To think, this time last year it was -10°C and the base of it was covered in ice and snow...

12 December 2011

Tough Act To Follow... Milk on Facebook?

Seriously?  I know companies are desperate to jump on the Social Media wagon but really, who is going to follow "Milk" on Facebook and/or Twitter?

3 December 2011

Why Is A Short Guy Advertising To Tall Men?

If "Size Matters", why is a short guy holding a sign advertising clothes for tall men? Sure the sign will be at their eye level, but why not get a tall man to hold it and be seen above the other tall men? Plus surely that guy holding the sign feels really inadequate...