24 December 2010

Happy Christmas From A Winter Wonderland!

What better way to celebrate Christmas than let someone else do all the hard work, both in the kitchen and behind the lens?  I present you, two great shots from the soon-to-be-winner of a Michelin star Neil McRobie!

22 December 2010

Apologies To Iceman, Seems He's A Do-Gooder After All!

Yesterday I accused Iceman (think cartoon of The Amazing Spiderman) of being captured on CCTV trying to steal so icicles.  Well, having returned to the site today they have increased in size proving Iceman was clearly adding to the icicles rather than trying to swipe them!  Bobby Drake, I apologise!  In other news, I think the idea of winter-madness is clearly proposterous...

21 December 2010

CCTV Footage of Ice Man Trying To Steal Precious Icicles

Two simple questions: If your CCTV camera is covered in ice, who are you expecting to capture on video other than Spidey's friend Bobby Drake (aka Iceman)?  Secondly, do you really need CCTV to protect those large icicles? Sure they are impressive but...

19 December 2010

Life's A Beach With Snow-Where To Hide...

So before the snow returned to Edinburgh, Liverpool was hit so hard that the sea froze, the Liver Birds put on red scarves and the sand changed it's chemical structure. Either that or it snowed so hard funny scousers built an igloo on the beach of the Mersey (right next to Gormley's Another Place).  Credit for the photo goes to 'me Ma'...

16 December 2010

And Snow It Begins... Set to hit -283°C

Weather update: it's started snowing in the centre of Edinburgh, albeit very lightly.  Is this going to be the once-in-a-generation blizzrds they are predicting?  Heresay figures suggest that it will get down to a few degress above absolute zero, however with wind chill it will feel like 10 degress below absolute zero (thanks to P5ychofox for verifying that this is theortetically possible and a doubly funny gag from Futurama).  Ah well, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

15 December 2010

Warning: Do Not Walk On The Union Canal

Police have today issued a warning *not* to walk (or play) on the Union Canal, even though it maybe frozen. To do so would be stupid and potentially dangerous, unless of course you thought you walked on water...

14 December 2010

I Haven't Had Sex In Four Weeks And I'm Now Desperate!

Four weeks this Friday without sex and it's killing me, but O.M.God am I going to indulge this weekend! At times I thought I was going to die! Travelling tomorrow then out Thursday & Friday but the weekend, with Sky installed and access to iTunes (yuck, bad taste in my mouth), it means finally I can get the endorphin rush of People magazine's "Most Influential Person of 2010", the host of "one of the greatest TV shows of all time" (according to Time magazine) and "the most important person on earth" (attrib. Phill Gillespie, May 2010), plus soon-to-be co-winner of Time magazine's "Person(s) of the Year", along with the other hero, Stephen Colbert. Sorry did I say four weeks without sex? I meant without Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert. Like all sane people (approx. 1 in 10) I'd rather give up sex altogether than be deprived of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report!

8 December 2010

Waiter, There's Glass In My Snow...

Lovely shards of 'glass' in the day-old snow today.  Beautiful refraction of the late-afternoon wintery sun.  Only downside is I wish I had a decent camera on my phone!  One of the rare occasions I miss my Satio...  Please release a good camera with good options on a good Android and I'll be first in line (unless it snows)!

6 December 2010

A Birthday Week: An Introductory Guide

An I have been asked, by those interested parties, to explain the rules of one of my greatest inventions, the Birthday Week.  I am firmly of the opinion that a birthday should be celebrated and not just the day, but you should be treated for a period around your birthday.  The name "Birthday Week" is a slight misnomer as it doesn't necessarily last a full week, it depends on what day your birthday falls (much like the "Royal Mile" isn't actually a mile in length or a "light year" does last a full year... ;-)  FWIW if I had my way everyone would get their birthday as a day off work each year.

During your Birthday Week you are like a child again: get to choose what happens, where you go, what you eat and when it all takes places.  You are not a dictator but treated like a prince or princess for that time.  If you fancy something then why not, it's your Birthday Week.  A normal Birthday Week lasts 5 days, although it could on rare occasions be as long as 6 or as little as 4.  It starts 2-3 days before the big day and runs 1-2 days afterwards.  This can vary depending on what milestone it is and when exactly it is in the year (if it clashes with anything else).

If your birthday lands on a Monday then probably it would run from the Friday before through to the Tuesday (just one day after).  By then you should have had more than enough time celebrating and turning into your next year.  A Tuesday birthday could plausible start on the Friday and run to the Wednesday.  Wednesdays are interesting as you would start on the Monday and then run through to the following Saturday, although in this case you are celebrating more after the event.  Thursdays would probably do similar, although start on the Tuesday and Fridays most likely start back on the Wednesday and run through to Sunday.  Weekend birthdays usually start on a Thursday and end on the Monday, again depending on how important the year is.

1 December 2010

Yay! Moustaches Are Socially Unacceptable Again!

November has now past, or Movember for those people raising awareness / money for Prostate Cancer, or rather against it... (or Snovember for fans of my last post).  That should mean, thankfully, moustaches are now socially unacceptable again with the following key exceptions (and only one of them is actually real):

* Jamie Hyneman

* Captian Leland Stottlemeyer

* Esteban Colberto

Any further suggestions to add to the list, such as your strange Aunt Bettie (gives you a tangible reason to not enjoy visiting her), or an old girlfriend (acceptable so no-one else wants her)...