18 July 2007

So That's What Umbrellas Are For!

It seems umbrellas are designed to keep the rain off things. Ground breaking isn't it? It is quite unusual to use an umbrella in the height of summer but this year has been quite poor weather-wise. Step forward a new use for an umbrella - keeping a summer barbecue dry! Quite ingenious I think...

11 July 2007

H0me is Where My F00tball Kit Is

Hibs have launched their new football kit and have adverts running on First buses that run around Edinburgh and the surrounding areas (I wonder why they didn't pick LRT buses that run just inside Edinburgh?). The line is "MY HOME KIT" and to the right the say it is the home kit for 07-08. Err, no they don't. They say it is the home kit for OH-7 and OH-8. That's not a zero. A zero is not perfectly round. That's the letter O as in Oscar. Take a look at the O in HOME - they are identical! Someone should get sacked from the PR agency for that. Just because so many people say OH-7 doesn't mean you should type it...

4 July 2007

It Doesn't Rain In Edinburgh. Disney Disagrees...

As we approach the heart of summer, I am reminded of something someone once send to me in the first few months of being in this lovely city of Edinburgh: 'It doesn't rain in Edinburgh, but when it does it's really bad'. I think I'd agree with that, especially compared to Glasgow. Yes the Hare comes in and it's sometimes misty or grey but it's not that often that it rains. It looks like Disney disagrees as they have their own Edinburgh full length mac for the inevitable summer down pours.
UPDATED: It seems Disney are correct. Maybe Disney actually control the weather and are just trying to shift excess stock this year?

1 July 2007

Ignore Your Neighbours; The UK is England for Family Companies

Yes, today the smoking ban comes into affect (???) in England. I guess that's why Johnston & Johnston (a family company) are running adverts with "Go Smoke-Smell Free from 1st July" on them to advertise their odour neutraliser Oust. I am perplexed however that they have chosen to do this in the side of Lothian Regional Transport buses running throughout Edinburgh where it has been illegal to some in confined public spaces for the last 14 months... Maybe they think England is the UK?