28 June 2007

Hey DJ, Where's My Apostrophe? Maybe He's Drunk...

Stand back green grocers, there's a new kid in town! It's not really forgivable for someone to not have an apostrophe in the company name Chaplins Disco but a lot of company names are being written like that, e.g. Tescos rather than Tesco's. They cross the line when they blatantly abuse the apostrophe further down the sign when the inform use they provide "mobile disco's" (yes, it could be a contraction of discotheque but really, hand on heart, would anyone believe that defence?). Maybe he's a local of "Jacks Lodge"? They have "the friendliest local's in town".

24 June 2007

Grape Juice Now Comes In 1 litre Cartons Rather Than Bottles

Why oh why oh why would anyone buy 750ml of grape juice when you could buy 1 litre for exactly the same price? Any sane person wouldn't do that. Plus the larger package comes in a lighter tetrapak carton rather than a heavy glass bottle. However when that grape juice has fermented and become white wine people suddenly change their tune. It's the same wine, from the same vineyard packed in arguably better packaging. Let's see just how quickly (or slowly) it catches on.

BTW I wouldn't advise trying to steal this supermarket trolley. My superior observational skills tell me that it has some for of security alarm installed.

23 June 2007

Release Alan Johnston Immediately

Nothing elaborate here, just trying to add my voice to those wanting Alan Johnston to be released immediately. I firmly believe in the Freedom of the Press worldwide, otherwise it's a dark place we are entering. You can sign the BBC's petition too:

Alan Johnston banner

21 June 2007

Who Cares Who Killed Harry Potter?

The Beeb are running a story that some "hacker" has discovered which two characters die at the end of the sixth and (hopefully) final Harry Potter book. Why?  If it's not true and just "another theory" (according to the publishers) then why print it? Thinking there is more truth to the story, I did a little searching and came across the website Heckler Spray and its quote about who gets it at the end of the book. I'm in no way interested but the intro from Stuart Heritage makes the article suddenly entertaining:
"Ever since JK Rowling began work on Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, literally the most important question in the whole universe was 'Will Harry Potter die?' Some said that Harry Potter would die, others begged JK Rowling not to kill Harry Potter and most of us didn't actually care because it's just a children's book and nobody ever made this much fuss over whether Mr Tickle bought it at the end of his book." Magic!

20 June 2007

PhillG.com is Two Years Old Today! This Is The 300th Post!

Wow. Two full years. My little baby is growing up. And to top it all off, this is my 300th post and I've had over 200 comments (including some from a few long lost friends). What a year it's been. I've changed career, scared my replacement by my resignation notice and disappeared over the beginning of 2007 due to work commitment. The fact that this site is still averaging 150 posts per year is still an incredibly impressive tally – almost one every two days! So far this year I've already covered the upcoming Fringe and the Film Festival (EIFF) is still to come. I promise to make my third year more enjoyable than before. I'm just about to finalise the ability to have Guest Bloggers and I have a couple of interesting characters in mind. What three wishes would I chose if I could have anything? Everyone to read Greg Palast's two recent books (The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Armed Madhouse); contribute to Liberty and subscribe to Private Eye. Those three things will change your life forever. Oh yeah, and keep visiting my site!

19 June 2007

Is The Scotsman For People Who've Just Woken Up From A Coma?

What can be done with The Scotsman? I've previously mentioned bizarre comments by them and a real dumbing down of the product however I was out last weekend and spent a couple of hours having a fascinating conversation with their Scottish Government Editor, Peter MacMahon. He's an incredibly articulate, witty and intelligent yet the paper he writes for (and a totally different person has just come up with this classic): “Mr Salmond accused Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, of...”. Those words were written by Hamish MacDonell in today's paper and online edition. Who does not know, that for over ten years, Tony Blair has been the Prime Minister? Why add this redundant title after his name? Have they been set a minimum number of words per article? The mind boggles sometimes.

16 June 2007

Everything Is Cyclic, The Fashion Of The 80s Is Back!

For some people, the 80s never went away. 1980s related things are cool again to the mainstream. David Hasselhoff, Dirk Benedict, Mr. T and of course Alf (or is that David O'Doherty?). I've been listening to “Waiting for a star to fall” over and over again on my MP3 player (no, not the original, the remix). The CD in my car at the moment is the incomparable Bad. If you doubt the 80s revival is here in the fashion industry then take a look at the main display in GAP's window at the Gyle. Think Miami Vice. In fact no, think the up coming Life on Venus which will be set in ... the 80s.

15 June 2007

Check out the fake BAAPS on her!

Please do not shoot me done for being derogatory to women. It was Neil McRobie that spoke this little entry first. Women can now post topless pictures of themselves online (gasp) and men will pay to see them (shock). What is the Internet coming to? It seems men are willing to “sponsor” women to have breast enlargements so they can cop an eyeful of the after-shots. The self-regulating plastic surgery body is outraged and urges women not to use this website. They go by the inoffensive name BAAPS. I swear to God this is not made up.

7 June 2007

Pick Of This Year's Comedy Festival

It's that time of year again, the Fringe Guide 2007 is out now! For those people who would to speculate to accumulate, why not become a Friend of the Fringe. It was my leaving present from SNIPEF and I'm going to do it every year! Not only do you get to book for two full days before tickets are officially release (Friday and Saturday from 10am until 6pm), you also get hundreds of 2 for 1 deals lasting the entire festival! All this from prices starting at £17 for next year.

Anyway, on to more serious business: comedy. In order to give something back I've created the following two lists. The first is a list of red hot shows that are guaranteed to be sensational. The second is a list of really big names that should deliver during 2007 – very few big names do deliver against their reputation (you can just label those comics who live off their undeserved reputation as Extras). Either way, book your tickets and then come back to post comments on my reviews on 2007.

Absolute bankers (in order):
Phil Nichol (including his one night only reprise of last year's The Naked Racist)
Paul Sinha
David O'Doherty
Russell Howard (no, I'm not just listing the nominees for the Eddies from last year, I went to see these four last year because of the hype built up about them before the Festival)
Frank Skinner
Nina Conti
Newsrevue '07

Big names that should deliver (in no particular order):
Stewart Lee
Reginald D Hunter
Adam Hills
Jerry Sadowitz
Rich Hall
Sean Hughes
Puppetry of the Penis

I'm More Of A The-a-tre Buff Really

Not to leave out plays and musicals, here's a quick shout to:
Killer Joe – Phil Nichol stars in it, 'nuff said
Breaker Morant – Phil Nichol co-directs, should be interesting
Xenu – It mocks it to Scientology, pay to go and see it
Fatboy – Last chance to see it before it gets adapted in to feature film