29 May 2007

All the colours of Scotland Unite ... to fight the SNP?

This is not a question over race, it's a question over speed. All the colours of Scotland's political parties have united to fight the evil enemy, and amazingly it's the central/leftist SNP that are the target of this rainbow coalition. Friends of the Earth (Green) brought together MSPs and councillors from Labour (Red), the Liberal Democrats (Yellow), the Conservatives (Blue) and the Greens (erm, we've already had Green. What about Purple and Orange?) to support the proposed Edinburgh Tram System and Rail Link. Did I write that correctly? Labour and Torys working together? This minority government really is making huge changes...

14 May 2007

Princes Street, The Castle & Other Great Edinburgh Pictures

There have been several new pages added to my gallery of Edinburgh without much fanfare. Several spectacular sunset and dusk shots, a few beautiful Spring shots and the odd scene picture. Have a look around and if you want to use them for your own personal purposes feel free!

1 May 2007

As Mr. Bean said “I love LA!”

I can't get over it. I had no intention of going to the USA, let alone Los Angeles. No desire and no interest. Then an interesting offer came up that meant we could be in LA for almost two weeks at a reduced price so we took it. Wow. Every day was mind blowing! If you are interested in going forget Florida, go to the far more interesting California. The essential things to do are:
Santa Monica – the liberal capital of CA, you must try Mr Cecil's huge beef ribs!
Universal Studios – Jurassic Park, Terminator 2: 3D and Waterworld Stage Show are worth the trip to LA alone!
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – We were in the audience during filming and on the title credits!
Disneyland & California Adventure Land – Soarin' Over CA via IMAX is astonishing and Muppets 3D is always cool!
Downtown LA – the architecture, Little Tokyo, the Mexican district and of course the Walt Disney Theatre!
Shopping – From Bevery Hills and Rodeo Drive to Hollywood & Boulevard and of course Wal Mart (walked in the front door and all I see are George clothes and the smiley Always Low(ering) Prices tag line)!
And the single biggest reason to visit LA? Not spotting celebrities, not viewing past their homes, not even the LAPD getting carried away or even the Krispy Kreme Kafe donut making factory ... it was spending two hours whizzing around on a Seagway!!!! It's possibly the single most enjoyable thing I've every done and everyone should try it!
Anyway, a picture says a million words so here are a million pictures.