20 February 2007

The World's Local Polish Bank ... HSBC

I have no problem with other Europeans coming to work and live in the UK. I do insist that they have good enough English to get by. If that is the case, then why does the main HSBC in Edinburgh (actually Scotland) insist on putting two signs outside during redevelopment, one in English and one in Polish? I've even noticed signs inside banks now just in Polish. Even though all Poles that I've met have great English, why encourage them to take the easy way out and read Polish? That's not going to help them read better English is it? Quite baffling...

8 February 2007

What a Point-less Sport!

Yes, Rugby Union is a pointless sport but as always, it's better relative Rugby League can come to the rescue. Scotland have just beaten Wales by 21 points to 9. Not bad, except there was not a single try scored. All points came from penalty conversions. A few years ago the might All Blacks beat Scotland by a similar scoreline and again, no tries were scored. The solution comes from Rugby League and came to me whilst I was watching Wigan pick up and early victory at the start of the new season. A penalty was
conceded well within kicking distance of the posts however it was a technical infringement and Wigan were not allowed to kick at goal. In football terms it was an in-direct free kick. Why not introduce this into Rugby Union to prevent essentially nil-nil games being settled on people kicking from near the half way line? Then again, why save Rugby Union when we can all just watch Rugby League...