29 June 2005

Who Controls the Weather? Doesn't Anyone Really Know?

Four more days until the Make Poverty History march (and a load of other G8 protests) and the BBC are having a laugh with their weather forecasts! Yesterday it said rain today, tomorrow and Friday, thunder storms on Saturday :-( Change of plan today. Still forecasting rain today (quite nice at the moment), lightning tomorrow, fine on Friday and partial sun on Saturday :-) The barbecue can still go ahead! I know this is still a four day forecast but I'm willing to take it. BTW there was an AI programme years ago that beat all the best weather forecasters in predicting the next day's condition (having spent ages "learning" from existing data). When they took a closer look to see how it was doing they found that the accurate predictions came from a very simple algorithm it had created: "Today's weather will be the same as yesterday". UPDATE: The latest forecast is clouds, rain and sun! At least they're confident it won't snow...

28 June 2005

Come 'head Rafa, Get Your Pen Out!

Well, we're back in pre-season training and no new players yet :-( Word is Reina will arrive this week now that Kirkland is out on loan at WBA. Next up is Zenden coming in on a free early next week (replacing Biscan) and that now seems to be a done deal. Now we are into the realms of press rumours. Stellios seems to be replacing Smicer and the young Gonzalez looks like he'll be added extra width (even though he won't be able to play for 5 more months). That leaves speculation over a striker (despite Baros staying) and a centre back. I really hope Parry just coughs up the extra cash need to get Kuyt and Milto (respectively). Is there enough cash left over for Rafa's old friend Aimar? I hope so. The young talent should get a chance to break-through this year, notably Le Tallec, Pongolle, Welsh, Mannix, Potter and Medjani. 16/1 to retain the European Cup isn't so crazy you know (although my money will be on the Premiership).

27 June 2005

Fight, Fight, Fight for What You Believe...

Time to stand up and be counted. On Friday I posted letters (on Donald's suggestion) to all seven Scottish MEPs telling them to get their arses over to Brussels and stop this disastrous Software Patent Bill being passed on July 7th. Did it on headed paper and also submitted my details to the Economic Majority Against Software Patents. Hopefully it will work. Now it's on to world poverty and the Make Poverty History march around Edinburgh this Saturday. In two weeks time the EU will have voted and the G8 meeting will have ended, will we have made a difference?

25 June 2005

Whack Me Baby!

The comment on the previous post by p5ychofox has alerted me to the fact that this page is a Googlewhack using the words "whoosh-ing" and "hyper-bolism" (I've put the hyphens in to keep it a 'whack for as long as possible). You can see a nice screen capture of Google and the recent entry from Googlewhack.com confirming this (search for Phill Gillespie). Makes you feel kind of warm inside...

23 June 2005

Time Goes Whooshing By

In fact it goes so quick I even missed the longest day of the year and the quirk with the moon last night (at 10.30 it appeared twice as big due to an optical illusion). Still laughing at the gag I heard from American Dad, something along the lines of "Quick, call the Exaggeration Police. Lock her up in hyperbolism hell!". Seth MacFarlane is incredibly talented, can't wait for the BBC to start screening that and the new series of Family Guy over here.

I've Found The Key At Last!

The trouble I've had trying to unlock my mum's mobile phone. Basically it was on Virgin and quite a new phone too. The great guys over at Veecom who arrange my work mobile phone contracts tried to get it unlock but had no luck. Someone even came around to my office to give it a go with a cable but the phone is 200 miles away in Liverpool! I tried a free website that looked promising but the Boxserial stuff is where it all fell down. Four codes entered now and if you enter five then it cannot be unlocked without a cable (not cheap). As a last attempt I posted my details on the forums over at Unlock Me. Within eleven minutes of posting the working code was posted, all free of charge! I can't recommend these guys enough - Nobody should ever need to pay for their phone to be unlocked again!

Batman Begins - Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner...

Batman! Just seen Batman Begins last night (Orange Wednesday, nice) and as a stand alone film it was excellent. Put in perspective there are a few issues I have with it. I didn't think the bad guys were anywhere near as evil as Jack Nicholson's Joker or Danny DeVito's Penguin but this is just the start of a new franchise. Finally the fiendish master plan to kill everybody is far too similar to the first film although I did not manage to guess the story line in advance (every plot twist is a surprise). The film itself is very dark and surprisingly British (writer & director as well as 5 of the lead 6 cast are British), Christian Bale looks quite like Tom Cruise. It is a very good film *but* it can't compare to the original Batman for me, that was an epic on and off screen.

22 June 2005

XXX Red Hot Web Cam Action Inside!

Hmmm. I was browsing through the hits on this new site when I noticed that one of the referrers to phillg.com was a sex site. Without promoting the site itself it basically offered "live web cam girls" and the page in particular showed which girls were online now! I've search that page (meticulously) and I can't find any link to my site. I don't remember buying any advertising space with them, however if one of the girls was a fan of the site then she's free to promote it. I'm guessing that it was probably a mistake by the robots at my web providers (who are excellent, easily the best deal around) 1and1.

Cool Van, Man!

Wandering into the office this morning I saw an Innocent Smoothie van pull up. What caught my eye was the fact that it was covered in grass! Very cool.

20 June 2005

I Did Promise I'd Be Back...

This is all a bit fancy isn't it? Using my own website under my own domain to host my very own blog. Well I've been doing a lot of work recently on websites (notably my new company one, SNIPEF so I thought it was about time I updated my own. Furthermore it was also time I started writing more things (creatively, I don't mean speaking less). Hope you enjoy them, there should be a flood of things over the coming days as I enter my recent experiences (and back date them to the real time they happened). Take care...

16 June 2005

Happy Farthers' Day!

On my way back from lunch I walked passed a charity shop and saw a sign in the window. I was going to go in and let them know but at the last moment I wondered a) if they genuinely did think this was the correct spelling and b) what if the illness they are supporting is characterised by learning difficulites (e.g. high correlation with dyslexia). Not wanting to cause any embarassment I left it, after all there are only two days left for it being up. Happy Farthers Day.

I'm Not Lovin' It!

Wandered into McDonalds for lunch today and noticed they'd put a sign up above the disabled toilets (the only ones on the ground floor) saying how long it was since they last were cleaned/inspected. A green number means it is inside the 15 min checking time, a red number means an inspection and cleaning is overdue by that many minutes. See if you think McDonalds has made a bit of a mistake in installing this sign...