30 May 2005

Is This My Next Phone?

The Sony Ericsson W800i looks pretty hot. 512mb memory and a 2mb pixel camera :-) That said the Nokia N91 is really tempting me with its 4gb hard drive. Can I break my run of never owning/using a Nokia phone? Probably irrelevant as it is not scheduled to be released until 4Q 2005 (almost always delayed) and I need it to be available for October this year.

4 May 2005

The World's Biggest Vending Machine!

Went to The Strip (still in Albuferia, Portugal) and saw this enormous vending machine. Very cool, but interesting contains non-Pespi products (e.g. Coke).

3 May 2005

Do-do-do-do-do-do-doo-doo (X-Files)

Over in Albuferia (Portugal) we went into a supermarket and there is a sign there saying it is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under 16. The second part says you can't sell it to someone who suffers from "psychic disorders". So if you can predict the future you can get served, but if those predictions are malfunctioning then it's out the door with no booze to console you!

1 May 2005

down with capitalism

This has nothing to do with my new xhtml version of my company's website, SNIPEF.org. A few years ago I suggested to a good friend of mine, Bob, that we should join the May Day protest and carry a banner that reads "down with capitalism, spell everything in lower case". He liked it, I liked it and over the passed few years many other people have liked it. I don't think it would be good for my health to carry the plan out though. [NB: Globalisation is a bad thing, capitalism is both good and bad] The website reference was because all the headings on the SNIPEF website are in lower case, it was a style decision. Donald (another excellent friend) doesn't like it though.