14 April 2012

Classes On Aeroplanes Reflect Stages Of Life Not Society

I used to think that the different sections on planes reflected the different social groups (or "classes") but now I realise they actually reflect the stages of life.

In 'First' you are a baby where everything is done for you without asking. You are put in the back of a car at your hotel and all the things you need for your trip are loaded into the car then the plane for you. You have a special section away from other adults in the airport and on the flight someone is always watching over you in case you are slightly uncomfortable, heaven forbid!

In 'Business' you are an older children yet you still expect to be able to demand something and it'll arrive. You are fending for yourself more than in First but you feel abandoned if the substitute mother doesn't answer your beckons right way (you just press the button again but harder, like shouting Mum even louder).

And by the time we get back to 'Economy' you are old and frail, unable to move as you complain about everything and everyone whilst your legs wrapped up under a patterned blanket.

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