30 July 2011

SOaB!! Owling Top-Trumps Planking!

SOaB!  There I was, happily "Planking" over the Bridge over the River Kwai, confident that I was at the peak of coolness, when all of a sudden, on the pole position starting spot of the Singaporean Grand Prix circuit, Mr I-The-Like-Snow-Because-I'm-A-P5chyo-Fox decides to whip out the undefeatable "Owling" card and Top-Trump me!  Here are how the two cards stack up:
Owling:  Coolness - 82;  Popularity - 75;  Obscureness - 91;  Photogenicness - 79.
Planking:  Coolness - 52;  Popularity - 72;  Obscureness - 82;  Photogenicness - 77.
As you can see, Owling is a super-card that pretty much can't be beat!  The only other card I had left to play was my old "Flash-Mob" card which is just a joke now...
Flash-Mob:  Coolness - 34;  Popularity - 25;  Obscureness - 15;  Photogenicness - 56.
Has anyone found a newer card that can Top-Trump "Owling"?

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