28 November 2010

Let's Rename This Month To Snovember!

Arthur's Seat is just still visible in this shot, incredible how  much snow has fallen in the centre of Edinburgh in one night.  Who said it couldn't snow again?  (Okay that may have been said in mid-April). 

13 November 2010

Hannibal Lecter To Save The Edinburgh Trams!

Cue headlines about "slashing costs" and "eating away at problems" because it's happening, Edinburgh Trams are going to be saved by Hannibal Lecter (/Lecktor)!  Brian Cox is due to be appointed this week, according Johnston Press in the form of the Edinburgh Evening News.  This is so good as he has always been my favourite Brian Cox, although if they went with the English Brian Cox they could have ran with "Edinburgh Trams - Things, Can Only Get Better!" or the bleaker "Edinburgh Trams - We Are Not Below The Event Horizon Of This Black Hole!".  Sorry I'm just getting news in that apparently there is a third Brian Cox who is getting the job...  Damn it!

6 November 2010

I'll Have A Gin and ... Apple?

When you don't like cucumber but love gin, an important question to ask your tender is what do you recommend serving it with.  Hopefully the answer will come back lime rathern than cucumber but I certainly don't expect the answer 'red apple'.  Behold Carunn, a new from a small distillery in Speyside.  It tastes very floral and the soft acidity from the apple complemnts it wonderfully, where lime would drown out then flavours and fragrence, where it would just taste like watered down Bombay.  It's my second favourite Scottish gin, after Blackwoods of course...