18 June 2010

What Do You Call a Male Lesbian (Other Than a Lucky Boy)?

I'm all for sexual equality. I'm happy that there is not just misogny but also misandry (well, I'm happy about the words not their meanings). I'll even accept a himbo to balance out the derogatory term bimbo. So what then do we call a male lesbian? We can't call them gay as that is the common term for homosexual which is applicable to both sexes. I know lesbian is derived from from the isles of Lesbos where lesbianism apparently stems from. Can we do the same for males? Presumably 'male lesbians' originated in Greece so maybe we need a new word of Grecian. Although that word makes logical sense it conjures up a completely different product when you come across a box of Grecian 2000 Lotion...

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