2 April 2010

Hello Ladies! The Demon Eyes Are Back!

Described by The Guardian as, 'as powerful an advertising weapon as the 'Hello Boys' Wonderbra campaign", the award-winning minds behind Tony Blair's Demon Eyes are back at the helm!  The BBC have confirmed that M&C Saatchi are going to work the upcoming election campaign for the Conservatives, the first one they will have done since the Demon Eyes in 1997 and marks a slightly surprising recall as David Cameron dropped them in 2006.
Is it just me or are the similarities a bit too coincidental?  Just as the brains behind the Demon Eyes campaign return, the brains behind the 'other' Demon Eyes campaign returns to a sector he was very successful in eight years ago.  It might not be 'New IT Guy' any more but single women should be warned to keep their hearts safe...  ;-)

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