23 March 2010

Tesco "Helps" Thick People. Every Little Helps!

I personally don't think you should take advantage of thick people by marketing exclusively to the so they buy your great deals.  Walking around Tesco yesterday to get some bread I was appalled at this shameless marketing to the aforementioned thick people:

"My" Hovis loaf is £1.00 and on the same SEL (shelf edge label for those who didn't work in a supermarket as a student) they have a bargain offer, 2 for £2.00.  Also right next to it there is a large hanging advert saying that for certain Hovis loaves, you can buy 3 for £3.00.  Great multi-buy deals there and I'm glad Tesco are spending their money making those adverts and paying someone to put them out.  Sadly this isn't the worst exploitation of easily tricked people.

Here is a special offer on Milky Bars (which will certainly not be on my given the deal).  28p each or (on the same ticket),  2 for 70p.  Fine, I know some of you will still be able to nitpick that they are offer with other items, so if you wanted some Smarties and a Milky Bar you might save money, but what if you do want just two Milky Bars?  Fine, let me put forward my closing argument...

Just Doritos on a great offer with a well calculated saving:

Every Little Helps...

PS:  I know some people my take offence at the phrase "thick people" but let me assure you, thick people were involved somewhere in making this story happen...

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