13 March 2010

The Stand Offers Booby Prize As Bizarre Incentive!

As a long standing visitor to Edinburgh's only dedicated live Comedy venue, The Stand (although to be honest almost all of those visits happen during the Festival), I am naturally on their mailing list.  So this morning I awoke to see the subject line "Update your account information and win tickets to see Jimmy Carr".  What incentive is that?  Why don't The Stand offer true comedy fans the chance to 'win' tickets to see other cutting-edge live comic legends such as Ricky Gervais or Joe Pasquale?  I'm sure the likes of Stewart Lee would have something to say on that, let alone the top talent who frequent The Stand each year including Daniel Kitson, Mark Thomas and Phil Nichol (certainly the first one anyway).  So to conclude, you are offering a booby prize as an incentive to live comedy fans...?  The only thing that makes this more entertaining, is that I've never managed to grasp that idea.  In this male dominated society, why is the a bad thing called the booby prize?  Isn't that what (almost) all men want to get their hands on?  So shouldn't that the the top prize?  Or at least, prize in the top-half...

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