7 August 2009

Tom Basden - Now That's What I Call Musical-Based Comedy

Two years ago Tom scooped the Best Newcomer Award ahead of Jon Richardson (a good comic who I've seen and enjoyed twice).  In his first return to Edinburgh since winning, a lot of expectation rests on his shoulders.  The most apt way to review Tom is to describe his style.  Imagine a hybrid between Demetri Martin, Dave Gorman and a little bit of Alex Horne...  It actually works very well.  He plays multiple instruments in unusual ways, make full use of his projected presentation [I don't know if he is using Microsoft's PowerPoint so I'm not going to assume and call it a "powerpoint presentation"], uses little coloured in drawings, likes playing with words and is obsessed with Google.  He did have three or four really big laughs (proper moments of comic genius) and his four sections flow quite well.  The introductions to each section distract you nicely for some intrinsically funny things (there's that word again, I'm thinking it'll be word of the festival).  He does try a few bits that don't completely work (then again it is a preview) and his material is pretty safe but still quite amusing.  The only drawback is the lack of an overall plot, thread or goal that could weave the four sections together.  It might provide a bit more tempo and a slightly tighter set.  All in a money well spent and an enjoyable hour, despite the drawback in being in Upstairs, the venue based over a kitchen.  Versatile, Inventive and Different - 8 out of 10 or 4 stars if base-10 is too hard for you to relate to.

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