18 August 2009

Star Spotting The Other Way Around

Some lucky people get all the luck (it seems wherever you go these days there are redundancies everywhere)! Over the years I've had friends tell me they've seen Frank Skinner and Eddie Izzard doing improv on The Mound and a whole host of other star names not playing at the festival but enjoying the best of Scotland. Rumour has it that two years ago Larry David was here but I am only aware of third hand information to support it. This year I've seen Ja neane Garofalo being interviewed and sat near to Brendon Burns whilst he has an early evening beer (and I scoff down my Curry in a Hurry from the Mosque Kitchen in Potterow). The problem is that they but have shows at Edinburgh, albeit for limited runs. The only interesting person I've seen so far that is Marek Larwood, the diminutive member of We Are Klang. Sadly they are not playing this year, although their TV show goes out on a Thursday evening on BBC3 during August. I did exchange polite smiles with Mark Kermode in June during the Film Festival but it should really be a given that he would be there. Has anyone else spotted an unexpected star in Edinburgh this summer? By the other definition I've spotted several stars this year, just give them a few years to complete their transformation.

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