9 August 2009

Sammy J - 1999

Following on from last year's stunning show “Sammy J in the Forest of Dreams”, Sammy J and Heath McIvor has separate shows (but are reprising the Forest of Dreams at weekends).  First up is Sammy J in the first of his 50 year story arc tracking his life.  The idea is every five years he will add a new piece adding to the fictional history of his life.  We start this epic with 15 year old Sammy J as a nerd back in school in 1999.  This piece looks at a chain of events which happened to a Sammy J in his final year at school (that's Sammy J the performer, not the real Sam Jackson).  In short we follow Sammy through his life with his only friend, to being bullied and intimidated, to confronting and overcoming the bullying in the most unusual way possible and, in a sense, wins the girl of his dreams.  Needless to say this very superficial overview doesn't ruin the intricacies of Sammy's dark mind and the strange scenes you share in during the performance.  Sammy clearly brings the darkness and musical abilities to the partnership he has with Heath McIvor and whilst his show works on his, it can't compete with when the pair of them are together.  Darker, Sympathy and Balls-y – 8 out of 10 (four stars) and  a good follow-up to an unsurpassable show.

UPDATE:  In all the excitment of the the Fringe 2009 and seeing the Sammy J's new show, I completely missed the fact that this is my 400th posting!

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