9 August 2009

Russell Kane – Human Dressage

A few years ago Russell was nominated for best newcomer at the same time as Russell Howard was up for the top award.  The latter Russell has gone on to guest on and host various TV shows whilst the former Russell has had some exposure but has clearly grown as a comic.  When I first saw Russell it was clear he had talent but he kept falling back on too many childish gags.  Now that reliance on easier aspects of his humour have been taken away without affecting his more cerebral stuff or keeping this base aspect to his routines.  He is himself this strange dichotomy of chav and cultured literature enthusiast; arse and analyst.  His show this year looks at the forced ways we act and how over enough time well take those traits into our actual personality.    Having spent sometime looking at various members of the audience we are regaled with how his gran is his hero and how he sought to confuse and irritate his father.  We also explore some of his cruel streak in relation to his brother.  His material is insightful, both in terms of his life and the human experience in general.  You wrestle throughout the show much like his dad must have, with this strange character breaking your assumptions and making your question what you do.  All in all he has a pretty strong show, albeit he did miss out two sections as he ran long and briefly had to summaries them ahead of his conclusion.  With those extra routines perhaps he would be pushing for a perfect show...  Insightful, Interesting and Unashamed – 9 out of 10 which is another five star review for poster-town.

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