21 August 2009

Paul Sinha - 39 Years of Solitude

This year Paul went with a reference to a classic Colombian book in his title in order to attract a more intelligent punter.  At least he advertised this year and made the guide, which was probably his biggest of many failings last year.  In short due to his mother getting ill he missed deadlines and his show wasn't up to his normal standard.  He also barely had 20% of the venue filled because of this.  This year he fills The Stand 3 and most people are aware enough of him to get straight into this year's show.  Well, actually, last year's show.  The first 40 minutes are identical to last year's show but the big difference is he performs with such gusto and confidence to a crowd that gets him and his style.  His final third is much stronger than last year and is a fitting ending to a good show.  As most of his shows are he examines his lack of bravery and obsession with quiz shows and general knowledge.  He does this in a humble way and also manages to work out issues with his place in the community and indeed world under the many different labels he lives under (mostly gay, Asian and doctor).  Paul is an expert and mis-direction in his comedy and also proudly delivers subtle gags that he will intentionally race past.  He is a top comic making up for last year and restoring faith in himself.  Hopefully he can use this completed chapter of his life to deliver a bigger show at a higher level next year and challenge once again for the top comedy award.  Erudite, analytical and a born-story-teller - 9 out of 10 or five stars (but only if you didn't see last year's show, otherwise it'll have to be an 8).

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