6 August 2009

Pajama Men - The Last Stand to Reason

Last year the Pajama Men returned to Edinburgh after a few years away and delivered a good but weird show.  It was well acted and well performed but not really that funny.  Imagine my surprise when the winners of this year's Barry Award in the Melbourne Comedy Festival, following the likes of Demetri Martin and Daniel Kitson, were the Pajama Men for last year's show Versus vs Versus.  Something must have happened since their return, perhaps a metamorphosis into something altogether different.  With an open mind I returned to see if I should believe the hype.  Unfortunately it is worse than I feared.  They will really push Rhod Gilbert hard for the top award at Edinburgh - they were sublime.  They are this year's Sammy J (going down and storm in Oz and riding that belief over here).  There show contains incredible characters, stunning acting, exceptional accents and a plethora of very funny gags, all wrapped up by an over arching storyline.  They received one of the strongest and most forceful round of applause and cheering at the final curtain that I have heard in a long time (perhaps since Rhod last year).  You will never, ever see another show like them.  I may very well go back to see them again.  Is there a downside?  Yes, TV could never do justice to their act, they need to be seen live.  Insane, Transcendent and Phenomonal - 10 out of 10 (the first of the year), that's 6 stars out of 5, an award deserving show.

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