10 August 2009

Matt Krishen – Shorter Than Napoleon

I heard a few good things about Matt Krishen last year and saw him in a queue for (I think) Reginald D. Hunter.  Like a select few he gets the chance to show off what he can do in the Pleasance Above.  Before we get into the show, there is a little quibble about something in his show and his reasoning for that.  The Edinburgh Evening News are reporting that Matt and Rob Rouse paid £1,000 for an air conditioning unit to be installed.  During the show Matt claims Rob paid £50 for a portable one from Argos.  They both say the heat is intolerable.  Clearly Matt has never even been to the venue right next to him (Below) when Mike Wozniak is suffering this year; let alone the Upstairs venue which sits on top of a kitchen and year-in, year-out is the hottest in the festival.  Does Matt get extra credit for thinking of his audience of negative points for being a little princess about a tolerable venue?  Neither really as his act is not up to the level that is going to make a difference.  He should have spent that energy concentrating on his routine not the ambient temperature. 

The problem is Matt's material (or all true stories) as a bit bland and the punch lines obvious.  A little bit about Europe with no real gags, same for the metric system, some flattery of America, a then a tea time story about his mad uncle.   He spends the vast part of his final third on a laughter-less recanting of a backpacking trip to Bordeaux where the “punchlines” could be seen some way off.  In all nothing ground breaking or worth opening your mouth to giggle about.  His material is that of a friend telling you the interesting thing that happened to him today, but with a slightly more energetic delivery.  That said he does try hard and has one notably funny and slightly edgier gag towards the end about paedophiles for which he deserves some credit for, coupled with the bonus of teaching us all that French inches (pre-revolution) were longer than British inches (hence the French reported Napoleon as shorter than he was as they used longer inches).  He amused a family of Americans in the front row and offended no-one.  That's about the best he could hope for, the safe family ticket.  Routine, Un-offensive and Effort  - 7 out of 10 or just three stars, helped considerably by a real joke towards the end.

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