18 August 2009

Jon Richardson - This Guy At Night

With tonight's show Jon proudly enters my '3 and above' list which very few performers get on to, and it's more impressive as it's three years back to back (since he burst on to the scene with his nomination for Best Newcomer.  As I have therefore said twice before, Jon is a very smart person with almost an obsessive personality that becomes irritated about the most irrelevant things.  Having chosen single life (although given his show I don't know how even he can live with himself at times) he has way too much time on his hands which feeds into his geeky-ness.  It's not the big things in the world that get Jon annoyed, but the more left-field things such as the principals behind re-connection charges.  Underpinning this is Jon exploration of does perfection exist and is it only a bad thing.

This year's show is good throughout but he really steps it up in the final 15-20 minutes.  If half an hour was of that quality we'd be looking at a flawless show!  Despite reviewers calling him "hate-filled" and "angry", which is partially true, what makes Jon so different is he is a thoroughly likeable and honest guy but in a different way to the John Bishop.  However you want to describe his specialness the one thing I can guarantee is that he has the formula for a great act with a really bright future.  I will be back for the next three year's, if only I could book my tickets when he starts writing the show (see his show and you'll get the gag)!  Thoughtful, Annoyed and Geeky - 9 out of 10 or five amazing stars.

UPDATED: Jon has made the shortlist for Best Comedy Show and in light of the competition his is facing, you have to believe he is the favourite to win it.  He deserves the award and he deserves to be playing to much bigger crowds next year.

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