5 August 2009

It's Go Time ... But Not For All Of Edinburgh

It's Go Time, the Edinburgh Fringe 2009 is here! It's just a shame that two of the main events, Jazz On A Summer's Day and The Festival Cavalcade, are both disrupted by the destructive force of the Trams. Last week, it took 20 mins to walk to M&S from the Gardens, which is barely 500m. The main parade is moved to Holyrood Park and with the year of mayhem, the foot traffic in Princes Street has hit a record low. What can compound this misery? How about the news that the works won't be finished for Christmas, despite working through the Festival, and they'll have to come back to continue work in January. I think a feature in Private Eye is due for this level of ineptitude - Trebles all round!

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