2 August 2009

I Was Right About (Lizard) Spock!

So, I guess I was right then. Not only was Star Trek over-hyped, but the so called good acting was really over-over-hyped. Simon Pegg was laughable as Scotty (and that's at, not with), Chris Pine's Kirk was border line Wes Crusher and the less said about Checkov the better. McCoy was the only stable performance but so much noise was made about someone nobody (Zachery Quinto) from an over-hyped TV show (Heroes) as Spock. Unfortunately this casting was probably the biggest missed opportunity (and that includes giving the talented Eric Bana woeful scenes that didn't need any acting ability) for one of the Fringe team to have a stroke of genius . And now it seems the TCA agree with me in recognising his genius. Sheldon Cooper, expertly played by Jim Parsons, won the best comic performance and is up for the same award in the Emmy's. Imagine how great Jim / Sheldon would have been as Spock... Damn shame!  If they made their inane casting decision by rock, paper, scissors then they probably need to look up the full version: rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock!

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