17 August 2009

Hennig Wehn & Otto Kuhnle - German Humour Goes Global

Last year they performed a decent show in what, in their words, can only be described as a bunker.  This year they are a in much bigger venue following a successful stint in Melbourne that saw them receive a nomination and certainly honed their skills further.  The basic premise is that Hennig, the German Comedy Ambassador, and Otto, the funniest man from Dusseldorf, want to take their brand of German Humour beyond just the UK to, let's say Global domination.  If you can't see what is funny about that on so many levels you are just not going to get these guys.

The "big top" venue, Bosco in George Square Gardens, this year branded Udderbelly's Hullabaloo after the Spiegel Tent decided it would be too costly for them to return, is the perfect venue for this mix of humour, music and silliness.  The show screams variety but in a bizarre way.  I counted at least 8 different segments with differing styles of comedy and in all five radically different musical "instruments" being played by Otto.  Hennig is the more classic stand up, performing all his shows with a stop watch around his neck as part of his natural German desire for accuracy and efficiency.  Having watched their show take you through some interesting places and build to an impressive finale, which is then topped by a gag that takes a whole show to make, you cannot help but feel uplifted and glad you witnessed something so different.  If there is any justice in this world we'll be seeing these two on Sunday evening at the Eddy Comedy Award show.  Madcap, European and Imaginative - 9 out of 10 or an impressive five stars!

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