9 August 2009

Heath McIvor – Randy's Postcards from Purgatory

The master puppeteer from Forest of Dreams embarks on his one-puppet show about Randy who retells how he went from a drifter into finding love, losing it, ruining things and his life falling apart.  The biggest compliment I can pay to Randy is that he is everything I wanted – a continuation of the King!  Let me explain...  There is one character in Forest of Dreams that is so cool and so awe inspiring that 35 year old men quote lines of his over a year after seeing his show!  That character is the bright orange King.  Randy is in essence, the King but as a normal person who has to live the consequences of his sometimes-raucous actions.  This adds several sombre moments to the show and results in a more varied emotional ride.  The dialogue is good and well performed, the puppeteering is exceptional and his segues and flashbacks are very imaginative.  The show is packed with many big laughs as well as continual giggles throughout.  Heath clearly brings the offensively funny gags to the table, as well as incredible puppets.  If you loved the King this will make you very happy indeed.  I may very well go back to see him again.  The one downside, Randy took all the applause, Heath didn't accept any...  Masterful, Imaginative and Raucous – 9 out of 10 which is five stars on the simpler reviewing scale.

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