7 August 2009

Glenn Wool - Let Your Hands Go

Glenn is a top performer who's strength is in political or sensitive material.  Last year he was good but spent too much time taking about his divorce.  This year, playing in the Bosco Theatre in George Square Gardens (where the Spielgel Tent usually is), he performs in essentially a circus venue with a hell of a lot of noise coming from outside (4 out of 10 for the venue being used for a stand up gig).  He does take a while to get into full swing but as he touches on later in the show, this is a preview and some bits won't make it (he has his notes on his table).  The first quarter of his act is about women and it starts to dawn on me that maybe in this bigger, 200 seat venue, he's going to play the more obvious routines and skip his natural strength (maybe he is auditioning for a TV spot).  Thankfully, out of nowhere, he segues into a taxi driver saying "I'm not a racist but..".  And with that Glenn returns to the festival!  Racism, Religion (although a bit sloppy with some of his Chrisitan stuff), South Africa and Corporate Greed.  You would be a fool to touch these areas if you didn't have great talent and strong material.  Thankfully Glenn has both in abundance.  Thought-provoking, Insightful and himself Juxtaposition - 8 out 10 (that's 4 stars again for the astrologists amongst us) with the potential to hit a 9 later in the festival.

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