9 August 2009

David O'Doherty - David O'Doh-Party

David scooped last year's award with a very good show (did he get a five star review anywhere?) but was not the deserved winner, that was Rhod Gilbert.  There was a fear expressed that David may win it in a kind of 'lifetime achievement' award before he became too big to be eligible.  This year, as last, he has less songs and more stand-up.  That's not an inherently bad thing as his songs were not always winners.  Out of his four songs this year (and one of them was the intro) only one was actually truly funny.  That song played to David's strengths, seeing the mild irritations that we all experience but nobody else grasps.  Some of his stand-up was good, not as good as his shark fear from last year, but still better than a lot of other shows out there.  Overall all he put in a sound performance which is all you can really hope for from the returning winner of top Comedy Award.  [On that, I think it should be made compulsory that all winners are required to return the following year or they will be stripped of their award.  I think it's disrespectful to Edinburgh not to, even if you are just reprising your winning show.]  Likeable, Astute and Entertaining – 8 out of 10 which is a reliable four stars.

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