8 August 2009

Dan Antopolski - Silent But Deadly

Dan returned to stand-up and Edinburgh last year after 2.5 years away for the birth of his two children.  He has previously been nominated for the top award and last year showed glimpses of his abilities.  With a further year under his belt he returns and even in a preview show (with notes on the floor of the stage) he is very, very good.  One of the great things about Dan is his mixture of material and delivery: some puns, some one-liners, a few mini-stories and full-on routines.  Add into that two perfectly performed raps and you have one hell of a show with a high laughter rate.  His subjects sweep from his young girls to international politics to common expressions.  Dan is clearly an intelligent guy with the ability to jump from debased crude puns to subtle jokes that could skip right past you.  His big finale is very strong which wraps up all of his madness if a perfect moment.  Given an extra few days to fine tune his performance and I think there is every chance that he will be up there sweating on the Eddie Comedy Award.  Fast, Plentiful and Resourceful - 9 out of 10 and a deserved five stars (with the potential to hit a 10).

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