21 August 2009

Carey Marx - The Doom Gloom Boom

Carey has been suggested by numerous people over the years, possibly also by his possible flatmate Phil Nichol.  Finally we make it to see Carey and within minutes are surprised by his act.  His thick London accent conflicts with his laid back approach whilst his material is unusually topical, e.g. male fish in the Potomac River are producing eggs.  To use such strange platforms to build routines on is so different as well as challenging; he is both brave and bright.  His big laughs were on more common themes and have a similar feel to those bombshells Glenn Wool drops.  Several of his best gags have that right balance of offensive-shock and comic-genius that leave a moment of silence as people process and others gasp in.  Overall his set is well constructed and there is a nicely built ending which wraps up most of his hot-button issues.  To be fair there wasn't any story I wasn't aware of but then I'm glued to the science and health pages of the BBC.  A more balanced person might end up learning things during the show, or more likely dismiss his facts as made-up for comic effect!  Thought-provoking, topical and slightly-shocking - 8 out of 10 or four stars.

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