18 August 2009

Beep beep, beep beep. 24 hours of Comedy and Counting!

We've just entered the second week of the Edinburgh Fringe 2009 and I've already surpassed 24 hours of comedy in real time (none of this fake time for me...)!  And that doesn't include 20 minutes lost to recapping what happened last hour and adverts!  Who has stood out in the first week and a bit?  There are the usual suspects as well as a few surprises.  Rhod Gilbert is only likely to face a serious challenge from Pajama Men to take the top comedy award.  If Phil Nichol had listed his act as Bobby Spade he might have caused some serious deliberations as whether or not he could be up for the award again (just as Rich Hall is a star but his character Otis Lee Crenshaw won the award).  With a little tightening of their acts post preview shows,  Dan Antopolski and/or Andrew Lawrence could be in with a shout.  On last night's performance and in the interests of diversity I wouldn't be shocked if Hennig When and Otto Kuhnle got a nomination for their strong and diverse show.

Looking forward, we have Jon Richardson tonight who is getting some great reviews.  If he is on form with a solid set Paul Sinha is always a possibility and maybe, just maybe, we could believe the hype about Rogue Males being "simply perfection" - although that quote and five stars did come from Corey Shaw at Chortle.co.uk who is a bit more generous with the stars than Steve Bennett.  It could very well be the strongest line up for the comedy award in many years ... it's a good job I have tickets for the show!

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